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Slide to Play

Founding Member

Slide To Play is a premiere web source for iPhone game reviews, previews, news, and analysis. Our editorial staff has spent years immersed in the mobile games business as critics, analysts and developers. We are also Mac enthusiasts who have followed Apple Computer's exploits since Steve Jobs' original stint as CEO. We know mobile gaming, we know the Mac development community, and we know the iPhone.


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TouchGen is an honest and frank look at games for the iPhone, for gamers by gamers. It was created in July 2008 by english graphic designer Nigel Wood. A mac user and avid gamer, Nigel created the site in a bid to give iPhone users, and particularly seasoned gamers, a place to get the latest news and honest, detailed reviews of both the great and terrible iPhone games by an enthusiastic team of gamers. Since launching the site Nigel has been joined by a rag tag team of writers from across the pond. Matt Dunn, an IT specialist and webmaster of from Sacramento, CA; Dave LeClair, a young games journalist upstart from Connecticut; and more recently a writer and games developer who goes by the name of Nacho.

iSource is here to provide news, reviews, and hopefully some good insight on all things Apple related – iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMacs – hopefully you can guess why we’re called iSource. With coverage of devices, apps, rumors, tips, tricks, tutorials, humor, industry news and everything in betweeen, we’re excited to serve the folks who equally love their Apple and iOS products.


AppGamer is your one stop shop for iPhone gaming coverage. We work closely with developers and publishers to bring you as much exclusive editorial as possible, from interviews to early screenshots and the latest breaking news. AppGamer was formed in March 2009 and is founded on the belief that reviews should be as accurate and definitive as possible. We give a score out of 10 and make clear in no uncertain terms whether this is the app for you.


TouchMyApps is a safe haven for touchers from all over the globe. We do reviews and we do news, but most of all we touch. Whether you put a hand to an iPhone or an iPod Touch, we invite you to come and read with us, laugh with us and argue with us, but most of all - we just want you to Touch Our Apps.

iPhone Reviews 2.0

iPhone Reviews 2.0 is the only Free-Hosted blog in the OATS group and we are very proud to have that title. Being around since January 2009, this site has been manned by a single reviewer and founder Damon. All reviews are of the highest quality with a large amount of detail and time put into each review. I have had the opportunity to spread my wings with a short writing stint at ThePortableGamer and current positions at TheAppEra and Razorianfly, but I continue to try and keep a constant flow of reviews coming from my own site. With one year up our sleeve and reviews continuing to improve we strive to stay one version above the rest.

No DPad

No DPad brings you coverage on the latest iPhone games through news, previews and reviews. Our reviews give you a simple recommendation that helps let you know where your time and money are best spent on the app store. All of us love to write and play iPhone games so come join the discussion! With so many great games available on the app store, who says gamers need a dpad?


San Francisco bay area based AppStruck is your source for witty, unbiased and opinionated iPod Touch and iPhone App Reviews. Besides iPhone app reviews we also offer full length articles related to a particular theme such as "Best iPhone apps for Foodies" and developer interviews.


Appmodo is a premiere iPhone game review and mobile applications blog, covering a plethora of topics including apps, games, utilities, hardware, interviews, accessories, news, and more for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Palm Pre and BlackBerry platforms. Appmodo is run by a bunch of obsessed mobile device owners who can't get enough of their gadgets and love to write about their personal experiences using them. provides honest and fair App reviews along with all the latest news in the world of Apps. The site is run by Brett Nolan a 34 year-old software engineer, husband and father of two little girls. With a full-time job, the site is a side hobby that formed out of an addiction to a little MP3 player that turned out to be so much more. We hope to share our love of all things App-related with you, our faithful readers, and introduce you to some wonderful Apps. Let us sift through the billions of Apps on the App Store and help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money on trash.

Apps And Hats

Apps and Hats was started a few months after the app store launched to cure Christine of her obsession with apps, which was developing at an alarming rate. Her passion is as strong as ever and Apps and Hats offers you an alternative style of video reviews. We try to find the unique apps, support the little guys and bring to your attention the apps that have been forgotten. Be warned, there are Apps, Hats and Giggles along the way!


AverageApper podcast is your definitive, weekly iPhone or iPod Touch App Store fix. We cover everything iPhone: app reviews, news, best buys, accessories, contests and more in 20 mins or less! We check all the boxes in our reviews (user interface, ease of use, value for money etc.) and then some; scrutinising apps on their battery drain, whether they're good to use one-handed and even whether they're good play in a crowded subway. Most importantly, we always spend time scouring the app store for the indie developer with a golden app. Welcome to the AverageApper podcast. provides comprehensive and honest reviews of the latest iPhone and iPod Touch apps and games, the latest and greatest iPhone application news and interviews, and gobs of iPhone app promocode giveaways. Founded by three lifelong friends obsessed with iPhone and mobile apps, provides consumers with a unique and trustworthy source for finding out the ins and outs of apps and helps them make educated decisions on which apps are worthy of their download. Next time before you download an app for you iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure to check out its rating at!


appSIZED: BIG and small Pleasures For Your iPhone and iPod Touch is your goldmine for in-depth, informative and entertaining reviews and news that help you navigate the 100,000+ games and apps out on the App Store. Although fairly new, appSIZED originally started in late October 2009 then known as Under The Radar: The Best iPhone and iPod Touch Games You Didn’t Know About. appSIZED proudly supports and promotes indie iPhone developers and their works.

AppSmile was founded in 2009 by Detroit-based artist and appfan Eric Meister. The goal of is to educate its readers with quality in-depth reviews and rewards. Rewards? That's right, every week rewards its Newsletter subscribers with free premium apps. Will you fork over the cash for an AppSmile-recommended app or wait till we give it away? Either way you'll come out a winner.

Macworld Appguide

Serving the Apple market since 1984, Macworld is the source for Apple, Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad-related news, reviews, how-tos, opinion, and more. Featuring more than a thousand independent and editorially-generated app reviews, as well as dozens of hand-selected collections of Apps, Macworld's App Guide is the source for reliable iPhone app recommendations.

iPhone Gamer Blog

iPhone Gamer Blog reviews iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad games in the most honest way we know how. By pointing out good points and bad with a specific slant towards a game's value and replayability, we ensure our readers have all of the information they need before spending their hard earned money. We also focus on news and rumors within the mobile device world in feature articles that are published several times per week. With over 150,000 apps out there, filtering through and finding the diamonds in the rough has become quite a chore. Our mission is finding the best games and spreading the word. In every way we strive to be ethical, honest and forthright with our reviews, previews and news regardless if the publisher is large or small.

Life In LoFi: iPhoneography

Life In LoFi is one of the leading blogs about iPhoneography (iPhone photography) and capturing the world in digital lo-fi. The site features galleries, techniques, app reviews for serious and casual iPhoneographers, and the musings of iPhoneographer Marty Yawnick.

iTito Themes

We at iTito Themes love to review indie apps because we believe that every dev and publishers need a chance to have their apps or games reviewed just like the big companies. I (Tito Salgado) am willing to purchase any app that will be reviewed at our site, unless provided by the developer or publisher. We will make a fair review of any app or game but we will not accept money from any developers.


Founded in July 2008, RazorianFly aims to provide reviews and opinions on some of the latest applications to hit the iTunes App Store. With an editorial team spanning the globe, we aim to bring a different and full-rounded approach to reviewing these titles, keeping our overall honesty and integrity in check, making it easier for you to decide how best to spend your hard earned cash. As well as publishing extensive reviews and previews of current and up-coming App Store applications, we also branch out to bring you the latest breaking Apple-related news to hit the web.


Gamezebo is a leading editorial review site for casual games across all platforms, including the iPhone and iPad. Every day we post reviews, previews, strategy guides, and news for casual games. If a casual game is released on the iPhone, Facebook, the PC, or Mac, we'll cover it. Like all participating sites, our editorial coverage is driven by honesty, integrity, and justice.

iGame Radio

iGame Radio has been podcasting and blogging about Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad games since 2005. Host Omaha Sternberg has been covering the Mac gaming industry since 2002. Providing honest and in-depth coverage of industry issues, interviews of industry personalities, and reviews of the latest games. Come listen to and read the unique perspective of a gamer who happens to be a girl.

Insanely Great Mac

Insanely Great Mac has been publishing Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad product news and reviews since 1995. Insanely Great Mac features HD video reviews of apps for the iPhone OS.

iPhoneography: the iPhone photography & videography blog

Formed in November 2008, the iPhoneography blog was one of the first dedicated iPhone photography websites providing readers with news, reviews, showcases and all things related to taking photographs with the iPhone. Since the blogs incarnation it has grown in popularity, and is now one of the leading iPhone photography blogs, and strives to bring the community together through the blog, social network sites and more recently social gatherings through the new "iPhoneography User Groups", which can be found at

Today in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Today in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (Formerly just Today in iPhone) was the first Podcast dedicated to the iPhone. The Podcast launched in April 2007 and we have been producing new episodes about once a week for over three years. The show and site are dedicated to the iPhone OS and any and all devices running the iPhone OS. This includes News, Tips, Tricks, Apps, Accessories, Rumors, Jailbreaking, and anything else we feel fits with the iPhone OS universe. The show is G-Rated and you will never hear a curse word on the show - so it is ok for your kids to listen. We work hard to integrate listener Voicemail and email into each episode, this can be questions, tips, tricks, reviews and even rants.

iPad Insight

iPad Insight (formerly known as Just Another iPad Blog) is an iPad blog that provides iPad app reviews, iPad news, iPad tips and tricks, iPad accessories coverage, and insight on all things iPad.

iPad Insight

TechUnwrapped was born in 2010 with one objective. That objective was to set a standard for product reviews of any kind and to provide quality content to its readers. Graham Smith, a mere 12 year old at the time, started TechUnwrapped originally to write about Apple products, but as TechUnwrapped grew he expanded it to cover anything tech with no limits, whether it range from car tech to household do it yourself tech creations we were there to provide coverage. With TechUnwrapped's initial launch on August 27, 2010 it took off and is readying up for many years to come.

The Canadian Reviewer

The Canadian Reviewer is an independent source for news, views and reviews with a Canadian perspective. Covering consumer electronics, technology, lifestyle, motoring, industry events, tradeshows and in-depth product reviews with consumers and end users in mind.


Enoda is a fantastic website which aims to provide quality, factual and informative reviews for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Despite our reviews being very short, they are to the point and are clear — we outline the good, the improvements and give star ratings on pre-defined aspects which vary based on the category they are in on the App Stores.


iTracki is a growing online community that is dedicated to providing up to date and quality information about iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps and news. Launched in February of 2010, iTracki contributes daily to the growing plethora of information on Apple products, and covers app reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs and more. Additionally, they also do iTunes giveaways through Twitter, upload video reviews and updates on YouTube, and connect socially on Facebook. The site is run by Charles Tian and his team.

The is a site that does video reviews all the apps you never see video reviews of: Store apps, Television apps, Television show apps, Beauty apps, Brand apps, Magazine apps, and even apps that only do one goofy thing. I also cover iPhone cases and accessories. Because ladies love apps too.


OneClickMac was created to accommodate the needs of the Mac App Store gamers by providing news and reviews on the biggest and best games out there for Mac. Starting right when the Mac App Store was launched, and with a wealth of previous iPhone and iPod Touch reviewing expertise, you can trust us to know exactly what’s hot and what’s not on the Mac App Store for the gaming community.


Appotography is one of the reference points on the web for iPhone/iPad photography, and beyond. We don't follow the hype; we just offer our honest opinions on photography apps and resources by providing in-depth and to the point reviews and tips to iPhone photographers everywhere.


Our site is called iPhonecaptain and we hope to educate you while your here about jailbreaking, cydia tweaks, best iOS accessories, and much more. Most of the content here is fresh off the press. So to put it best we cover anything and everything iOS or Apple related. If you need any help feel free to hit us up in the comments. Our tag line is "Bringing the best Cydia and Apple offers."


AppFreak is a blog dedicated to cover the latest iOS apps and games, providing in-depth analysis and comparisons with other alternatives on the App Store. Our goal is to be an informative and fun resource for every app fan out there while exploring the different trends and innovations that slowly change the habits of every iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owner. We seek to offer the less newsworthy and more personal perspective about those perfectly executed, simple ideas that so often get buried by mediocrity in the App Store.